Beach girl to the core!

I am a beach girl for sure.  I love the smell of the salty air, the sun, tans, and yes, even the sand that gets Starfish - $18.00into everything you touch.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good snow fall with that snowed in feeling and the warmth of the fire in our wood stove.  But the first sign that warm weather is coming (like the unusually warm weather Virginia had earlier this month) then my toes are ready for flip flops and pedicures.

There is something about the beach that calls to me.  When I look at the endless ocean or the beautiful sunsets I’m in awe of the beautiful world we live in.  I guess it helps that it’s usually during a vacation that I get to enjoy that beachy feeling.  We have no plans to move but if we ever did I want to move to the beach.  For now, I enjoy our beach/nautical themed family room, vacations and making beach themed jewelry pieces.  Check out some of the summer pieces I have created.

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