April Fool’s Day

How many of you can remember playing tricks on your siblings or your friends on April Fool’s Day?  Growing up with two brothers and a sister you can imagine the kinds of tricks we could play on each other.  Now that I’m older I have more fun playing tricks on my father-in-law!  In my day job I work with my husband and my in-laws (and yes, we all get along great!).  I recently drew faces on clementines that were sitting on my father-in-law’s desk. IMG_2125 I never know what he will leave on my desk when I’m not around.

So, we don’t need one day out of the year to play tricks on others.  Another “trick” I play with my teenage son is jumping out and scaring him.  He tries to scare me back but hasn’t been too successful at it yet.  It’s fun and lighthearted.

My advise is just have fun.  Life is short and you need a good laugh every single day.  Have a story to share?  What’s your favorite April Fool’s joke or trick?  Please share!

Love the life you live~till next time.

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