It’s National Pet Day!

I totally failed on the National Siblings Day yesterday but can’t pass up today because it’s National Pet Day.  This is Ruby, our little girl and Cooley, our big boy.  Ruby just turned a year old last week and Cooley is almost seven years old.  They are part Maine Coon and we love their sweet personalities.  Cooley is very laid back and loves to snuggle.  Ruby likes to lay close if she’s cold but her ability to be affectionate is all on her terms.   Yes, we do talk to them like we expect them to answer us back.  They do reply with a chirping kind of sound.  Ruby copies everything her big brother does.  We were nervous when we decided to add another cat to our family but Cooley accepted her immediately.  She was 8 weeks old when we brought her home and they have been buddies ever since.  We love our fur babies.  If you love your fur babies like we do and want a piece of jewelry created to show your love, let me know!

ruby 1

Ruby – Not supposed to be on the counter!

ruby 2

Ruby – Pretty Girl

cooley 1


cooley 2

Cooley – Our Bird Watcher

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