School’s Out!

Since my last post, my son, Jacob, turned 16 and got his learner’s permit.  We had a month long celebration for his milestone birthday.   I’m not the best teacher when it comes to driving so I’m leaving that to my husband!  I’m a nervous wreck with him behind the wheel.  I know it’s all part of growing up.  It feels like it was only yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital.  Now he is finishing his first year of high school and he has been counting down the days since Memorial weekend.  I remember how anxious I was to get out of school and go out into the ‘real world’.  I keep telling Jacob to enjoy every moment of his school days and relaxing summers.  He doesn’t listen any more than I did at his age.  For now, we just enjoy the short time we have with him before he goes out on his own.

While he’s been counting down the days to the end of school, I’ve been counting down the days to our vacation.  Just two more weeks and we’ll be at the beach.  Did I mention how much I love the beach?  It is my happy place and some of my jewelry reflects that.   Always making new stuff.  If you have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook be sure to “Like/Follow Me”.  I’ll be posting upcoming craft shows that I’ll be participating in soon.  Get out and enjoy your start to Summer!


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