Celebrating Fathers

For the past few years we have tried to catch at least a couple Washington Nationals games at the ballpark.  When our son was a little younger he had a hard time sitting still so enjoying the game was a little harder to do.  Now that he is a teenager it amazes me how much he knows about the players and he really enjoys the games.  As part of our Father’s Day celebration each year we head to DC for a game.  Last Saturday the Nats plthe boysayed the Phillies.  It was a very hot day but we lucked out because our seats just happened to be under the concrete floor of the upper deck.  I was prepared for the sun with my sunscreen but didn’t end up needing it–sorry white legs better luck next time!   We tend to spread out our celebrating.  Life is short so why not celebrate.  Yesterday we continued celebrating Father’s Day with my wonderful husband and super sweet Father-in-law.  We had a late lunch, rode around the back roads of Louisa and then ended up at the lake for ice cream and a round of miniature golf.  It was a great day indeed!

Father’s Day can be bitter sweet.  I lost my dad seven years ago.  I do miss him but I count the many blessings I have because of how he and my mother raised me.

My family have been wonderful supporters of my jewelry business.  Recently one of my nieces asked me to make a key chain for her dad (my brother) for Father’s Day.  I was touched and honored to do it.   Hopefully he loved it!  You know what the best part for me is?  When he carries his keys around in his pocket, he has a piece of me with him — not to mention his daughter, son-in-law and grandsons.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating Father’s Day.  That goes for you single moms out there too!  Happy First Day of Summer!!!




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