Hello September

Alcohol Ink Pendant Necklace

It’s been a year since my last blog. Can’t you tell I’m really good at blogging?!! After wrapping up a craft show in March, I took a little time away from my design room. It was a busy Spring, I was dealing with some heart issues, our only child graduated from high school in June and I had made big plans for a 2 week vacation out west to celebrate our son’s graduation and our upcoming 25th wedding anniversary. In late July, I had to have a pacemaker. Yeah, it took the wind out of my sails and if I thought 2018 wasn’t a good year, 2019 was definitely coming in as a close second. I thought pacemakers were for “old” people (no disrespect to my 70s and 80s friends). Seriously, I’m only 54 years old. Well, I’m six weeks past my surgery and have been back in my design room creating lots of new jewelry pieces. I am retiring a few designs including the glass cabachons, washer pendants and necklace dangles so they are priced to move! I’m looking forward to the upcoming open house on September 20th and the Fall craft show season. If you are local, please make plans to come by next Friday evening, the 20th between 5-8 pm. Till next time ❤

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