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2020 has not been anything that I would have ever imagined. The world has been busy figuring out creative ways to work, teach, and even play. When everything first shut down I was in a serious funk. I had spent the winter months working on new jewelry pieces for the Spring craft shows. Of course, all of the craft shows were canceled and here I sat, depressed, and just sad. It’s hard to go back into your design room and create when everything around you has come to a standstill. I spent a couple months on something other than jewelry making. I did several DIY projects (check out these AFTER photos) that got the creative juices going and found myself searching Marketplace for the next good deal. I even considered doing some furniture makeovers to sell but that’s not what I want to do right now. In May, my Etsy shop had a great month of shopping for Mother’s Day and I’m still in awe and extremely thankful for that. Here’s the downside when you make jewelry for selling at craft shows-you don’t always have time to post all of your creations on an online shop. Aside from the cost associated with online shops, it’s just very time-consuming. BUT, guess what, with the likelihood of fall craft shows being canceled, YOU make time! Now, more than ever, crafters need you. We need you to support local small businesses. Is this my only source of income? No, but it does support the extra activities and projects I do with my family. For some, their crafting income pays a light bill or buys medicine, etc. There’s a lot of beautiful hand-made creations sitting in boxes or containers just waiting to be sold. If you follow different crafters/small businesses on Facebook, share their posts/page with your friends. I know how much that would mean to me and can bet other crafters/small businesses would be grateful too!

Fast forward to the holiday gift-giving season. It is going to be a lot different than last year. I love to shop but I have to admit I have done most of my shopping online the past few months. Once stores started opening back up I haven’t enjoyed shopping at all and that is HUGE! The struggle is real people. So, as you start thinking about holiday shopping (in the 100 degree July weather), don’t forget about those crafters/vendors/small businesses you would have met at craft shows this year. Here’s what KK’s Creations by Karen is doing- I have expanded my ETSY shop listings and set up a Facebook Shop as well The Facebook shop is new to me and I’m still working out the bugs but fingers crossed it will make online shopping easier. Last December, I set up an in-home boutique in my basement. The shop is OPEN! If you are local and would like to come for a private shopping experience just let me know.

So, let me wrap this up. Online retail therapy is good for the soul, I promise. Spending more one on one time with the love of your life can reignite a fire in you! Zoom calls with friends can be just as uplifting as meeting up for dinner. Sending a card in the mail to an elderly relative or friend is a great way to lift their spirits and finally, this pandemic may change how we do things but nothing last forever!

Be safe!

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