Hello September

Alcohol Ink Pendant Necklace

It’s been a year since my last blog. Can’t you tell I’m really good at blogging?!! After wrapping up a craft show in March, I took a little time away from my design room. It was a busy Spring, I was dealing with some heart issues, our only child graduated from high school in June and I had made big plans for a 2 week vacation out west to celebrate our son’s graduation and our upcoming 25th wedding anniversary. In late July, I had to have a pacemaker. Yeah, it took the wind out of my sails and if I thought 2018 wasn’t a good year, 2019 was definitely coming in as a close second. I thought pacemakers were for “old” people (no disrespect to my 70s and 80s friends). Seriously, I’m only 54 years old. Well, I’m six weeks past my surgery and have been back in my design room creating lots of new jewelry pieces. I am retiring a few designs including the glass cabachons, washer pendants and necklace dangles so they are priced to move! I’m looking forward to the upcoming open house on September 20th and the Fall craft show season. If you are local, please make plans to come by next Friday evening, the 20th between 5-8 pm. Till next time ❤

Time for some “Fall” cleaning

I will eventually get the hang of blogging (fingers crossed).  2018 has not been the best year for me.  After my foot surgery on January 31st I wasn’t able to do any of my normal Spring cleaning inside or outside of my house.  You would have thought that would have given me lots of time to dedicate to updating my website and uploading pictures to my Etsy store.  Well, that would be a big fat NO!  This weekend I was able to get outside and my husband and I got a lot of weeding, landscaping and grass cutting done.  Had to share a picture I took as we were admiring some of our work and relaxing on the front porch.

Another reason I am ready for 2018 to come to an end—I’m currently wearing a heart monitor for 16 days to see if my heart has anything to do with a fainting episode I had at the end of June.   I haven’t fainted since then but today I had 6-7 dizzy spells that started before I got out of bed.  It hasn’t really subsided yet but it did give me a reason to sit on the couch with my laptop and work on computer stuff like my website and my Etsy store.  Both are still a work in progress but I do feel like it was a productive day.

I have been waiting all Summer for this Friday’s open house.  I have lots of new items that I’ve been creating and pictures don’t always show the beautiful color combinations in the bracelets and necklaces.  If you are local I hope you can stop by and see for yourself.

Keep checking my Etsy store too.  It will be an easy way to shop once I have more of my inventory loaded.

Have a great last week of August!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Some of you know already that I’m a beach lovin’ girl BUT when the leaves start to change and the temperature drops it’s time for my boots!  I love shoes.  I mean mostly the ones I can wear in the Fall and Winter because in the Summer it’s all about the flip flops.  I don’t know about you but I have the hardest time finding those “in between” kind of shoes.  I go from flip flops to boots and there’s not much in between.

With the change of the seasons comes CRAFT SHOWS!  I have been busy getting ready for craft shows.  I have participated in two already since September.  I have four more between November 5th-December 10th.  I enjoy meeting/seeing all of the sweet ladies and men who stop by my booth and purchase special handmade treasures for themselves and others.  At my last event the pastor of the church bought a gift for his daughter for Christmas.  I love to see men shop for others!  My husband hates to shop and I know he’s not alone.  He does shop for me for birthdays and Christmases but I have to take care of the rest of the gift purchases in our family.  It’s okay though he is an amazing guy who supports me in everything I do.  He’s a keeper!

I have added “Available Charms” under my photo gallery tab.  I’m hoping to put them in sub categories for easier viewing.  That will come soon!  Please note that these are not all the charms I have available.  If you are looking for something in particular please ask!  I may have it already or I can look for it.  If you are looking for team/school specific charms I may be able to get them but those charms cost more than the regular charms.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  Made your list?  Christmas Eve is 2 MONTHS FROM TODAY!  Hope you will consider giving the gift of a KK’s Creations handmade item this year!

Til Next Time ~


If only….

Have you ever wished you could strike it rich?  I think about that all the time.  Look at the woman who created the Miracle Mop.  I bought one but it’s no miracle!  If it could mop the floors by itself then that would be a miracle.  One time I had this great idea for an expandable utensil insert.  Unfortunately, someone had already come up with the idea.

Recently I came across a youtube video of a nifty little tool called the MISTI.  That stands for “The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented”.  When I saw the video I knew I had to have one.   Those of you that know me personally know that I create my own handmade cards.  I haven’t put Hallmark out of business but I do enjoy making my own cards.  It gets a little stressful at Christmas time because my address list is almost 100+.  I try to cut back.  Yes, I know we now have social media to keep connected with friends and family but a card in the mail still has meaning to me.

Anyway, more about this incredible invention!  A woman by the name of Iliana Myska invented it.  She had initially started card-making when she was asked to serve on the Women’s Ministry at her church.  She was in charge of the card ministry.  Her addiction to crafting grew into stamping.  While making one hundred Christmas cards for the church, Iliana became frustrated with errors and inconsistencies while stamping.  An idea occurred and after several trips to the hardware store MISTI was born.

By now you are thinking “so what”.  Well, it may be a fad but I was at a scrapbooking/card expo on Friday and they were selling the MISTI like hotcakes.  This one woman created a cool tool and is reaping the benefits of it.  I think most inventions come about by accident with lots of trial and error.  So there is still hope for those of us out there that have a dream.  Who knows, maybe one of my designs will catch on and everyone will want one!  A girl can dream can’t she?!?!

We are all gifted in something.  How are you using your God-given gifts?

Thanks for checking out my blog.



Celebrating Fathers

For the past few years we have tried to catch at least a couple Washington Nationals games at the ballpark.  When our son was a little younger he had a hard time sitting still so enjoying the game was a little harder to do.  Now that he is a teenager it amazes me how much he knows about the players and he really enjoys the games.  As part of our Father’s Day celebration each year we head to DC for a game.  Last Saturday the Nats plthe boysayed the Phillies.  It was a very hot day but we lucked out because our seats just happened to be under the concrete floor of the upper deck.  I was prepared for the sun with my sunscreen but didn’t end up needing it–sorry white legs better luck next time!   We tend to spread out our celebrating.  Life is short so why not celebrate.  Yesterday we continued celebrating Father’s Day with my wonderful husband and super sweet Father-in-law.  We had a late lunch, rode around the back roads of Louisa and then ended up at the lake for ice cream and a round of miniature golf.  It was a great day indeed!

Father’s Day can be bitter sweet.  I lost my dad seven years ago.  I do miss him but I count the many blessings I have because of how he and my mother raised me.

My family have been wonderful supporters of my jewelry business.  Recently one of my nieces asked me to make a key chain for her dad (my brother) for Father’s Day.  I was touched and honored to do it.   Hopefully he loved it!  You know what the best part for me is?  When he carries his keys around in his pocket, he has a piece of me with him — not to mention his daughter, son-in-law and grandsons.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating Father’s Day.  That goes for you single moms out there too!  Happy First Day of Summer!!!




School’s Out!

Since my last post, my son, Jacob, turned 16 and got his learner’s permit.  We had a month long celebration for his milestone birthday.   I’m not the best teacher when it comes to driving so I’m leaving that to my husband!  I’m a nervous wreck with him behind the wheel.  I know it’s all part of growing up.  It feels like it was only yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital.  Now he is finishing his first year of high school and he has been counting down the days since Memorial weekend.  I remember how anxious I was to get out of school and go out into the ‘real world’.  I keep telling Jacob to enjoy every moment of his school days and relaxing summers.  He doesn’t listen any more than I did at his age.  For now, we just enjoy the short time we have with him before he goes out on his own.

While he’s been counting down the days to the end of school, I’ve been counting down the days to our vacation.  Just two more weeks and we’ll be at the beach.  Did I mention how much I love the beach?  It is my happy place and some of my jewelry reflects that.   Always making new stuff.  If you have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook be sure to “Like/Follow Me”.  I’ll be posting upcoming craft shows that I’ll be participating in soon.  Get out and enjoy your start to Summer!